2 Oct


Most likely you have not reached this blog by accident, but on the off change that you have, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom Towers and for a year and a half I worked as a writer for This is where I keep some of the work that I did for them in the form of something resembling a portfolio. If you are interested in reading anything contained within then please e-mail me at for the password.

Thank you and welcome.


My writing style is diverse and adaptable. As such I have prepared for you a selection of reviews that show off a range of my skills, from writing gargantuan essays on a game, to a brief, concise review that is entertaining, but accessible.

Binary Domain

Comprehensive, in-depth analysis exploring gameplay, presentation and cultural context, extended use of metaphor and humour.

Swords & Soldiers: Super Saucy Sausage Fest

Succinct, but strong analysis.


Adaptation: a collaboration with Mike Lewis.

The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character

Concise with strong analysis, wordplay, and humour.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Storytelling completely integrated into strong gameplay analysis.

A Virus Named Tom

Entertaining in-depth analysis, humour.

Daytona USA HD

Storytelling in the literal sense leading in to more traditional analysis.


In-depth analysis with a focus not only on gameplay, but themes and presentation.

Hard Reset

Passion, in-depth analysis, and knowledge of the evolution of a genre and videogame history.

Altered Beast.

A short, critical, entertaining review.

Killzone 3

Essay-length in-depth analysis, and a passion for beards.


I apply similar philosophies behind my reviewing to previewing, working within a tighter time frame, and with the understanding that I am not playing the final version of a game.


Succinct, brief analysis under a constrained word count.

Torchlight II

Accessible, entertaining in-depth analysis.


My interviewing style is good humoured, but analytical and serious.

Joost Van Dongen

An in-depth interview focusing on Proun.


I can cover a wide range of editorial content written in a variety of styles, from lighthearted satire to serious cultural analysis.

The Body Has a Head

A stream of consciousness musing on the place of video games in art, how videogames are perceived both within videogame culture, and mainstream culture, and predating the 2012 E3 violence controversy, but exploring many of the themes that came to the fore after a perception of an abundance of overly-violent games at the event.

The Golden Asse

A lighthearted analysis of Golden Axe that is not quite a review.

Games That Could Have Changed the World: Indiana Jones

A history of DMM, Euphoria.

Second Opinion: Trine 2

Another semi-review, this one employing more vivid language.

An Argument for Brutality

An in-depth look at the nature of violence in videogames.

GWMOTG: Games We Missed Out On This Generation

A simple piece on gaming culture.

Not Necessarily An Interview: Mark Pincus of Zynga

A satirical “interview” with Mark Pincus.

PR Contacts

During my time at I accrued a long list of PR contacts with whom I was able to maintain a professional and friendly relationship regardless of my editorial content.

PR: A List

At this link you can find a list of the lovely PR people that I have worked with in the past with whom I have maintained a professional, friendly relationship regardless of my editorial content.


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